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Draft for an Irish

Declaration of Intention (Expression of Will)

1. The Problem

The majority of the participants to the Referendum on 12 June 2008 concerning the question of replacing the Treaty of Nice on the European Union by the so-called Lisbon "Reform Treaty" has voted with "No". Now this decision has caused the further integrational process of the EU to come to a standstill, for the EU provision establishes that approval of all the member states is necessary for the new Treaty to come into force.

In the last few weeks the Irish have been criticized by many because of their "No". For instance the German MEP Jo Leinen [SPD] said that at the next summit meeting of the Council in Brussels mid October it would be necessary to "get down to brass tacks" with them. It was out of the question that just for one single member the whole reform process should come to a stop.

For months a solution has been sought to break this deadlock, because up to now the Irish government seems to have believed - which would be quite understandable - that it was not possible to repeat the referendum simply hoping that it might lead to another result. Probably they are now busy considering what "special provisions" might be granted to Ireland for obtaining its approval. But could this be the only concern to solve the deeper problem?

2. The Task

In this situation the initiative "Impulse 21 - European Citizen Movement" ["Impuls21 - Europäische BürgerschaftsBewegung (EBB)"], which has been advocating for years the democratization of the European Union, submits to the government of Ireland the proposal to carry out another referendum by March 2009 which should be bound, however, to the package deal requiring the EU to bindingly accept - as suggested by "Impuls21" - that a voting by the EU citizens on the alternative wording of the currently foreseen Article 11 of the Lisbon Treaty should be carried out simultaneously with the EU parliamentary elections in June 2009.

What would be decided by this voting, according to EBB's proposal, has been set out above. In order to let the Irish government know who of the eligible voters of the country supports this proposal, we will attach to the above information a Declaration of Intention. Whoever wishes to join in should send the Voucher to the Irish government, to the attention of Prime Minister Brian Cowen (copy to "Impuls21-EBB" Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! Sie müssen JavaScript aktivieren, damit Sie sie sehen können. ). It is also possible to join in the Declaration of Intention via internet:

Declaration of Intention (Expression of Will):
To the Government of the Republic of Ireland!

1. As a citizen of the Republic of Ireland I call upon the Government to submit to the Parliament, the Council and the Commission of the European Union, as an expression of political will of the Irish community of rights, the proposal to allow for a Referendum to take place simultaneously with the elections to the European Parliament.

2. The subject to be decided upon by the democratic sovereign of the EU, its community of rights, is an amended version of Article 11 of the Lisbon Treaty, which is to follow the Treaty of Nice so as to ensure the European Union's capacity to act. This requires also the approval of Ireland.

3. For this approval, the future EU has to be constituted on the sovereignty, i.e. the political self-determination of its citizens, which may be activated at any time. To make this possible is the aim of the new wording of Article 11 of the Lisbon Treaty as set out above, the provisions of which would allow in future also ideas and initiatives for the development of the community originating outside parliament to come to fruition.

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